Press Releases

Press Release, 21 June 2018
Wind energy of the future: Research project on the use of high-altitude wind

Press Release, 05 October 2017
Turnkey solution to MRV - V-PER approved "MRV-ready" by Tecnitas

Press Release, 16 April 2015
SkySails & LEMAG to Combine Performance Management Businesses (WORD)

Press Release, 16 April 2013
SkySails helping Ardmore Shipping to set new standards in fuel and operational efficiency (PDF 51 KB)

Press Release, 01 July 2011
Cargill reveals the name of the world´s largest kite-powered vessel (PDF 141 KB)

Press Release, 28 February 2011
Cargill propels shipping forward with largest kite-powered vessel (PDF 160 KB)

Press Release DSM 04E, 25 January 2011
DSM invests in wind propulsion company SkySails (PDF 27 KB)

Press Release, 13 September 2010
High-Tech Rope for Green Shipping 09/10 (PDF 264 KB)

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