The worldwide patented SkySails Power system consists of five main components:
a free flying kite with rope, a launch and recovery system, an automated control system, a generator for producing electrical power and a support platform.

The SkySails Power system is operated at altitudes of between 200 and 800 meters.
It can be installed on both conventional offshore foundations and on floating platforms. That way the SkySails Power system can also be secured quickly and easily at water depths of down to 700 meters using traditional anchoring technologies and readily available offshore support vessels.

Energy is generated as the wind pulls the rope from a drum that is connected to an electric power generator. This is the power phase in which electrical power is produced. The return phase begins once the rope has been extended to its maximum length.
The kite is then automatically flown into a position where its pulling force is very low. This is when the generator acts as a motor and reels in the rope until its extended length is short enough for the next energy-generation phase to begin. This process consumes only a fraction of the power generated during the power phase. The residual excess energy is fed into the electrical power grid.

The SkySails Power system can also be utilized onshore. Mobile units are also available that can be used as stand-alone solutions to provide electricity and/or fresh water through seawater desalination.