SkySails Power technology is based on the acclaimed SkySails propulsion system for ships.

This worldwide patented towing kite propulsion system for cargo ships has been proven and tested in the tough day-to-day use on board seagoing vessels. In good wind conditions, it can replace up to 2 megawatts of power from the main engine, which allows ships to save up to 10 tons of oil a day.

SkySails is the only company in the world that now offers industrial products for using those particularly abundant high-altitude winds. Its customers include respected shipping companies and major international corporations.

SkySails GmbH promotes and maintains longstanding development partnerships with leading suppliers, such as with DSM Dyneema and Gleistein Ropes for producing the ropes and NorthSails NZ for manufacturing the towing kites.

SkySails Power draws on the many years of experience that SkySails GmbH has
acquired in the daily use of towing kites on the high seas. SkySails Power also benefits from the company‚Äôs broad and global patent portfolio that includes some 300 patents issued or applied for, in 16 patent families.

SkySails enjoys a level of expertise in exploiting high-altitude winds that is unequaled in the world.


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