NorthSails New Zealand Limited

North Sails NZ was founded in New Zealand in 1978, the brainchild of successful and world renowned yachtsman Tom Schnackenberg. Initially focusing the New Zealand local market North Sails NZ emerged onto the international scene in the late 80's, being involved in projects like the 1987 America’s Cup in Fremantle with KZ-7 and also the famous Big Boat Challenge in San Diego. At this time Tom and Richard Dodson also became partners in North Sails NZ. Using their vast sailing and international contacts North Sails NZ was able to push hard into this ever expanding international market. By the turn of the decade North Sails NZ was the force behind the Kiwi Ketches Steinlager 2 and Fisher & Paykel in the 1989/90 Whitbread around the world race, and also the impressive Trimaran Steinlarger One that won the around Australia race. Since this time North Sails NZ has not shown any signs of slowing. The company has been involved in every major yachting event since the beginning of the 1990's, from Kenwood Cups to America's Cups, North Sails NZ has been there. The highlight being behind Team NZ in 1995 in winning the America’s Cup in San Diego and then the defence in the year 2000, in Auckland. 

North Sails NZ has become known also for its super yacht sails. These boats require not only fast efficient sails but also long lasting durable sails to handle the vigors of ocean passages. North Sails NZ has built its reputation on such yachts as Mari Cha III, a high performance 145ft ketch, and the 160ft sloop Georgia. This is by all means only the tip of the iceberg and North Sails NZ's super yacht sails can been seen on yachts in every corner of the globe.

North Sails NZ produces towing kites for SkySails-Systems.