Wind-Powered Auxiliary Generator (WPAG)

Auxiliary generators make up for 5 - 10%* of the total fuel cost of a merchant vessel. The cost for generating onboard electricity with a Diesel-powered generator is very expensive and ranges from 12 to 16 US-$-Cent per kWh at current fuel prices.

Now with SkySails Power’s WPAG ship owners can face this challenge by making use of the most powerful resource of renewable energy on the high seas again: Wind!

-50% aux. fuel consumption
By using WPAG costs drop to about 7 US-$-Cent per kWh for auxiliary power generation.

Rapid pay back & flexible financing
WPAG pays back in less than 5 years when used in a good wind resource. Due to this attractive business case, SkySails can offer flexible financing such as leasing or power purchase agreements (PPA).

Improved energy efficiency – less emissions
WPAG not only cuts costs - it also reduces emissions and improves a vessels’ energy efficiency.

Plug & Play - Fast & easy integration
WPAG is containerized and thus can easily be installed on deck. Easy integration into the ships power grid via existing interfaces – as easy as an auxiliary diesel generator. Operation requires no special clearance on the high seas.

Hybrid Power - Fit for the future
WPAG comes with a high capacity battery pack. Vessel grid stability is improved, peaks are filtered out.

Stay flexible
Different to fixed power solutions, WPAG as a containerized mobile solution can easily be transferred from ship to ship – just like a mobile diesel power generator, but cleaner & cheaper!

* Baldi, Johnson, Gabrielii, Andersson: ”Energy and Exergy Analysis of Ship Energy Systems”, Department of Shipping & Marine Technology, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg/Sweden, 2015

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Wind-Powered Auxiliary Generator (WPAG)
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