The Swedish shipping company Stena Bulk - a subsidiary of the Stena Group (Stena AB) and one of the world's leading tanker shipping companies with a fleet of 74 ships - has already paved its way for a sustainable future as well: combining the most practicable, innovative (eco-)technologies on one ship: E-MAXair.   Stena has set clear objectives and high standards with this tanker concept: massive reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, as well as maximum safety and optimal transport economy.

The SkySails-System is one of the four core technologies that shall make E-MAXair the greenest tanker in the world. Due to its specific technological advantages, the innovative towing kite propulsion fits perfectly into the overall propulsion concept of tanker ships and can generate significant fuel and emission savings.   Aside from the SkySails technology, the tanker has an optimized hull design as well as a specially devel-oped and patented hull construction based on an air pocket system under the vessel. In addition, the tanker is designed for operation with LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) - the cleanest and most effective fuel available for ships today.