At the end of March 2009, SkySails was announced as the winner of the "Green Ship Technology Award". Presented by Lloyds List events for the second time in a row, the award aims to recognise the contribution that the maritime industry is making towards improving and maintaining the marine environment. The jury of industry experts was to choose the most innovative technology put into use since 1st January 2008 which has shown a significant benefit to the marine environment. Having shortlisted six technologies form the vast numbers of entries (among others solutions in the field of ballast water, tank cleaning, coating applications and waste management) the jury selected the SkySails technology in recognition of its high potential.

The presentation of and great response to these three awards underlines once again that "Green Ship-ping" is one of the main challenges and trends in the maritime industry today and that SkySails is per-ceived industry-wide as sustainable solution for the future.