In the course of the 11th Future Congress in Kronberg / Taunus on June 12th, 2007, SkySails received the "Zukunftsaward 2007" (Future Award 2007) in the category "Best Product Innovation". The SkySails-System initially had been nominated for the category “Best Prototype”, the jury however was strongly convinced of the SkySails technology and the market maturity of the product so that they unanimously decided to honour SkySails as "Best Product Innovation".

The Future Award was initiated by the "Zukunftsinstitut" (Future Institute) in cooperation with the German (business) magazines "Der Handel", "brand eins" und "Max", as well as the communication service provider 1 & 1. It is the main objective of the award to recognize companies with outstanding pioneering spirit that strategically take up current trend developments and translate them into innovative solutions and products for their customers. The conclusive coherence between societal change and market solutions is the main criteria for this innovation award.