Wind Power Next Level

Winds at high altitudes provide abundantly more energy than winds at surface level. Building on the proven SkySails technology, SkySails Power is offering wind power systems that for the first time tap into the enormous energy potential of high-altitude winds:

Base load capability: Up to 6,500 full load hours

  • Rated power of SkySails Power systems is reached at significantly lower wind speeds
  • Energy production at >80% of the year

Result: significantly more full load hours than conventional wind turbines

With SkySails Power wind energy can provide base load energy for the first time ever

Reduced LCOE: Up to -75%

  • Considerably increased yield due to higher capacity factor
  • Significantly reduced CAPEX due to
    • 90% less material usage
    • faster & less costly installation
  • Markedly reduced energy production costs: from -20% up to -75% when compared to conventional wind turbines depending on size and site 

Wind power for almost any site

  • Mobile “plug & play” units up to 500kW
  • MW-size stationary units for on- & offshore use
  • Small in size – easy to install without special infrastructure
  • Low requirements regarding wind resources

  • Suitable for hurricane & typhoon areas – system can be landed & sheltered

  • Fast & easy offshore installation on floating platforms (only 10% of the size of those required for conventional wind turbines) in water depths up to 700m

  • Significantly reduced visible impact and immissions

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Next Generation Wind Power
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